Spring flowers – Easy paper flower tutorial

As the seasons are changing and flowers are beginning to bloom, I decided to make a tutorial to create simple paper flowers to decorate for Easter and celebrate spring arriving. These can be made with any paper you have in the house, and all you need is a pencil, scissors and glue. You could also paint the paper, or decorate the template with your own design before cutting it out.

If you are making these with young children, you can simply the flowers by only having one or two layers (my daughter found cutting out four different layers just a but too laborious!).

I’ll be sharing some ideas of what to do with this in a later post but for now, here is how to make your own!

Image of completed flowers with template.

First print out the template using the link below. You may want to print this onto coloured paper, in which case you don’t need to cut the template pieces out and cut round them.

Paper flowers template.
Cutting paper flower template petal piece.
Drawing paper flower template.
Cutting paper flower template.
Folding paper flower petal layer.
Paper flower petal layer.
Paper flower petal layers.
Paper flower petal layers.
Paper flower petal layers.
Image of drawing paper flower centre.
Image of drawing paper flower centre.
Image of cutting paper flower centre.
Image of folding paper flower centre.
Paper flower centre.
Paper flower layers with glue stick.
Paper flower layers glued together.
Image of leaf template on paper.
Image of leaf template on paper.
Image of a completed paper flower

And there we have it, easy paper spring flowers! I’ll be sharing some idea of how to use them in my next post.

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Please decide for yourself if your child is old enough for the activity and supervise them while creating. I just enjoy sharing creative ideas for people of all ages 🙂

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